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Sleep Wellness

It is something that has become increasingly more difficult to obtain, a great night’s Sleep.

Our lives have never been busier, we are constantly bombarded with information every day.

Lack of Sleep can affect cognitive function, mood, memory function and lead to a host of health issues.  Sleep is as important as breathing and eating.

While you’re sleeping your body is busy tending to your physical and mental health getting you ready for another day.


Find Your SleepMode

At SleepMode we specialise in Mattresses, Bases and Pillows designed to provide a true Sleep solution.

We know it is very difficult selecting a new mattress, that is why we offer our exclusive SleepMode consultation where you the customer can try our range of specially selected beds in private and a time suited to you.

We all lead busy lives and at SleepMode we understand that shopping on a weekend at times can be inconvenient.


Unlock your weekends!

Book a consultation online and experience a pressure free retail environment with friendly, knowledgeable staff.

Find Your Sleep Mode